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Personal Saving

When you bank at our community bank, you’re more than a customer. You’re a member of our family.

Most banks just take your money. We take care of you.

Sutter Community Bank knows that serving your financial needs means providing a variety of savings products that help you achieve all of your financial goals, both short and long-term.

Choose the savings account that serves you best:

Savings Connection

Keeping your savings accessible while still watching it grow.

Opening Balance Monthly Fee Additional Features
$100 Keep your balance over $200. If not, a $3 fee applies.
  • No fee transfers to your Sutter Community Bank checking account
  • Up to 3 withdrawals per month ($2 fee applies for each additional)
Club Account

Helps you save for the holidays. $10 or more transfers each month automatically from your checking account. Then, on November 1st of each year the total funds are transferred back into your checking account, and the cycle starts over again for the next year.

Opening Balance Monthly Fee Additional Feaures
$20 No Fee
  • Account can be started at any time of the year
Smart Saver Kids

For Youth up to 21 years old. Deposits are unlimited, but withdrawals are limited to 3 monthly ($2 fee applies for each additional).

Opening Balance Monthly Fee Additional Features
$10 No Fee
  • Membership Card
  • Birthday Reward
  • Good Grade Awards

Personal Money Market Account

For customers who don’t need to access their money often, but do want to earn a higher interest rate on their savings.

Opening Balance Monthly Fee Additional Feaures
$2,000 Just keep a minimum balance of $2000. If not, a $15 fee applies.
  • Interest rates are tiered based on your balance
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Up to 3 checks and 6 total withdrawals per month
  • Free first box of bank logo checks