Sutter Community Bank Connected to OnLine Banking
06/01/09 Version
Change in Terms & Authorization to Online Banking:
**All changes must match signature card changes.
Personal Authorization
Name of Account: _________________________________________________
TAX ID # ___________________ Phone: ______________________
E-mail Address:_________________________ * Required for bill pay.
Bill Pay: Add Delete
You can pay virtually anyone you
Account Associated with Bill Pay:
would normally pay by check or
Account: _______________ Delete
automatic debit.
Account: _______________ Add
E-Statements: Add Stop
You can view your safe and secure E-Statement
online instead of receiving a paper statement in the
mail, and it is available the next day.
Account Information: please add the following accounts to my existing online account.
Checking & Savings:
Certificate of Deposit:
Account: __________________
Account: __________________
Effective Date of changes: _____________
By signing below:
I authorize Sutter Community Bank to issue a temporary password.
I recognize that I will be prompted to read & accept the online agreement and privacy policy put forth by Sutter
Community Bank and if I agree to those terms I will be granted access to Sutter Connect.
Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________________
**Each person on the account is required to sign their own individual agreement.
Bank Section:
Employee enrolling customer ___________ Verified by: Signature Card _____ Personally Known _____ At account opening ______
Customer Username: ______________________ Security Question: _______________________ Answer: ___________________
Added to Sutter Connect by:____________ Date:____________
Verified by:______________ Date:________________