gingerbread house
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Who Can enter:
The competition is open to anyone who wishes to participate, adult or child, profes-
sional or amateur. Groups are welcome to combine to produce one entry.
How to enter:
simply bring your gingerbread house to sutter Community bank, 700 plumas street,
yuba City, on december 2 or 3, between 9am-4pm. All entries must be received by
december 3rd at 4pm. Complete the form below & submit with your house.
Judging & prizes:
Gingerbread houses will be judged by event attendees in a “people’s Choice” competi-
tion, from 5-8pm during the Christmas stroll. event attendees will judge the houses
based on three categories, 1) Under 12 years old, 2) over 12 years old, and 3) Group
entry. Within each category, attendees will be urged to judge on originality, creativity,
and difficulty. At 8pm the votes will be tallied by a sutter Community bank representa-
tive and the winners announced. First place for the Under 12 and over 12 categories
will each receive a $50 savings bond. First place for the Group category will receive a
$100 donation to their group. A representative for each house must be present at sut-
ter Community bank at 8pm for the results presentation. by participating, contestants
agree to have their photo taken and used in Christmas stroll and sutter Community
bank promotional materials.
entries can be picked-up Monday, december 6, at sutter Community bank, between
the hours of 8:30am-5pm. entries not claimed by the end of the day are subject to
disposal at the bank’s discretion.
For more information, contact sutter Community bank’s Mary Anderson at 674-8900.
IndIVIdUAL or GroUp nAMe____________________________________________
pHone nUMber _______________________________________________________
CATeGory (check one): ____Under 12 yrs old ____over 12 yrs old ____ Group/organization
brIeF desCrIpTIon oF yoUr HoUse _______________________________________